I take photos of places that sing to me.

My photographic focus extends beyond capturing specific objects or subjects; it eschews mere documentation. Instead, my lens seeks to encapsulate the distinctive atmospheres and moods that infuse these spaces. I refrain from criticism and glorification; things simply exist as they are.

Gravel Mining Landscape

Since 2013, I've captured the gravel mining landscape. Witness the profound impact of material extraction on Mother Earth and the captivating transformation it undergoes.

nationalpark thy

National Park Thy boasts a diverse landscape with windswept coastlines, dunes, heathlands, and wet hollows.

Plastic Landscape

For years, I've been captivated by man-made landscapes, including plastic. 


Oddesundtårnet in Thyholm, Denmark, is both a lookout and an educational center. It offers views of nature and explores a unique paradox, connecting observation and detachment.

Granite Mining

Skriverøya, in Norway's Vest-Agder, boasts a historic granite quarry, crafting the island's industrial legacy. The rugged landscape serves as a captivating photographic subject.


A series of photos from a brick factory in the southern parts of Jutland.


This series features architectural photographs captured from 2014 to the present day.

Black and white

Few photos in black and white.

Tourism on Nea Kameni

Nea Kameni, a volcanic island near Santorini, captivates with its contrast of tourists against an Iceland-like volcanic terrain. My visit in 2015 left a lasting impression.


Skansen near Sønderborg, Denmark, witnessed a significant 1864 battle, now a serene historical site, inviting reflection.


Few photos from my stay in India in 2023.