A handful of dust

Year: 2023 
Material: Epoxy, fiberglass, dust from oil-dyed polyester, Eco-solvent print on a transparent self-adhesive film and a wooden frame
Size: 120 x 180 cm
Exhibition: Grænselandsudstillingen, (gæst) Sønderjyllands Kunsthall, Aabenraa
About this work: Embracing the delicate interplay between control and chaos, this artwork echoes the essence of my creative process. The blue hue, a fusion of polyester and oil dust from refining another painting, is scattered unpredictably on one side, settling in epoxy beyond my control. On the contrasting side, a printed photo of luggage strap appears casually arranged yet meticulously aligned. The background's wooden frame adds stability, offering a visual counterpoint to the dynamic fluidity within the piece.